I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  Three years ago today I was holding you for the very first time.  I remember going to the fair one year and the fortune teller explaining to us that there was a little boy in heaven right now who was “VERY EXCITED” to meet us and come into this world.  A few years later we got pregnant with you and waited 29 weeks and 1 day to meet you and from that moment on you have brought so much joy into our lives.  The fortune teller was right, SOOOO much excitement bottled up into one little body.

As a baby, you were PERFECT.. amazing.  You made motherhood so easy and looking back, you really were an awesome baby.  Hardly ever fussed and always had a smile on your face.  You won the hearts of everyone you met.

As soon as you started walking, you were on the move and no one could hold you back.  So independent and determined.  You were on a mission to explore and had no time for momma and no desire to hold our hands.

As a toddler, you test my patience every day.  So much energy and full of questions.  ‘What’s that?’  ‘What’s his name?’ and as friendly as ever.  You love making friends and will approach anyone.  Even though you constantly remind me what a big boy you are, you ALWAYS have time for a cuddle or a kiss.  You always tell me you’ll miss me when I tuck you into bed.

You are SO smart and handsome and I am lucky to be your mama



BIRTHDAY: October 4, 2011 @ 12:23 PM

Height: 20.5

Weight: 7 pounds 13 ounces



Likes: WATER, hoses, animals, fire engines, the Sea World Pet Show

Dislikes: bed time, NAP TIME (you don’t take them willingly, you kind of just pass out), dinner time (you boycott it for 15 minutes minimum)

Favorite Show: TOM & JERRY

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Catch Phrases: “I go REALLY fast”, “hmm, wet’s [let’s] see” (while he is thinking), “I play yo phone 5 more minutes” (he ALWAYS wants to play my phone.  If I say no, he will ask for “1 more minutes”), “Wookie [Lukie] is my best friend”, “I hungry. My belly hungry, momma” (as he is rubbing his tummy and looking pathetic), “not yet, momma” (when I ask him to do something), “ya sir, momma” (I taught him how to say ‘yes, sir’ and he used it when responding to me too. But it turned into a mix between “ya sure” and “yes sir”)

{October} Monthly Meal Plan

I sometimes struggle with our meals (like most of us do).  If I have the time, I like to plan a whole week in advance and go grocery shopping.  That usually doesn’t happen.  I usually just buy basic meats and hope I can throw something together last minute.

Well, October is going to be very busy for us.  Austin’s birthday is on Saturday, we have two weddings to attend (one of them we are in), bachelorette/bachelor party, I have a bunch or Origami Owl Jewelry Bars, an open house Jewelry Bar AT my house, and we have company coming for a little over a week.

I decided, last minute, that I needed to plan for the WHOLE month of October.  There will me meat marinating, crock pot meals, and other assorted freezer meals.  I will prep all of them over the course of the next couple of days then label and freeze them.  I hope this works out.  Most of these recipes are new to our family and I threw in some tried and true favorites as well.

monthly meals

This is the meal planner calendar I got from www.noordinarymomentsblog.com/.  I just google searched ‘meal planning calendars’ and this one jumped out at me.

I use it to keep track of all of the meals that we eat {and love} and it makes it easy for me to just drop meals into the monthly grid ~ especially since there are some that I tend to forget about!



I plan on filling this printout up with all the meals we LOVE.  This will make it easier for me to go back for ideas when I am planning for another month.

meal planning


Here are the recipes I used:

I used quite a few from Kelly @ newleafwellness blog

The following freezer meal combos came with SHOPPING LISTS and RECIPES!  Made my life easy!

6 freezer meals

brown sugar meat loaf

lasagne roll ups

ginger peach




7 in an hour

beef roast and carrots beef roast

chicken fajitas

  • Two batches of slow cooker chicken fajitas

chicken pot pie with tot chicken pot pie

dr pepper


6 freezer meals in

balsamic  balsamic chicken


hawaiian pork hawaiian

Two bags of Hawaiian pork chops or chicken

mex chili corn  mexican chili cornbread



creamy chicken

brusc chick


salisbury steak

creamy spaghetti

marg chicken 2 marg chicken

marinated steak

chicken bake

  • Chicken Bake (GiGi’s Recipe) * — who knew it came from Campbells 😉

pork chop supper





*Pfeffer Family Favorite



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one year from now blueits a sign

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Humor is the Glue

Last week, the world lost one of our most beloved icons, Robin Williams. He touched so many lives with his humor and shaped so many of our childhoods.

I was shocked to hear of his death. At first, I thought it was another one of those hoaxes we see so often. Later, I could only WISH it was a hoax. I found myself inexplicably upset with his passing. Just the though of it would bring me to tears.

I had no idea why it was hitting me so hard. Was it because I felt like a little piece of my childhood died? Was it because he left behind a family who loved him very much? Was it because it was so sudden and came without warning?

All of those reasons didn’t seem to justify this intense feeling of sorrow and hurt. It was almost as if I had lost my own father. And just like that … I knew why.

As a child, my dad connected with us the only way he knew how: with humor. If you know my dad, you know that he was just like a big kid. Always trying to crack jokes and make you laugh. Quoting movie lines, inside jokes, silly voices… they were part of our everyday. It was always hard for my dad to connect with me on an emotional level. Humor was our glue.

I guess, subconsciously, I connected with Robin Williams just like I connected with my dad. They were similar in the fact that they brought so much joy and laughter to my life.

They also shared another trait, they both suffer from depression. After my mom and dad split up, I could see a change in my dad. A change that I didn’t like. He seemed hurt and angry. I don’t want to go into specifics, but it was concerning to me. I was always afraid for his safety.

It has been extremely hard to cope with this connection between him and my dad and I cannot help but think of a similar outcome for my dad.

I wish that I could reach out to my dad and tell him how I am feeling, but I fear none of our jokes will help me bring these feelings to the surface for him to hear. We connect with humor and this topic is a little too deep to share. Sure, I can write about it here or mention my feelings to my brother or mom, but bringing these feelings to my dad’s attention is a little more difficult.

In some ways, I hope he just happens to read this and in other ways I hope he never does. It upsets me to think he might be hurt by my unwillingness to share these feelings with him.

I can only hope that soon I will be able to speak with my dad about my fears and feelings and that I may learn something from the death of Robin Williams. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering his family must be going through, nor do I ever want to experience it.


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HE july-sep

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A Little Update

I have been so busy with my Origami Owl business that this blog has been neglected. I am currently updating via my tablet/phone since Austin needs to be in clear view or he WILL get in trouble!

So many new developments in the wonderful world of Luke that I may forget to mention some.

Last month was quite the adventure.

Luke suffered a bad sinus infection (Austin and I as well) that went to his ear and eyes. He got an ear infection (so did Austin) and was put on antibiotics for his ear and goopy eye. We stopped antibiotics (too soon, whoops) and his ear infection never healed. It came back and so did another head cold. We are currently on the tail end of his sickness.

NOW, mommy’s wisdom teeth are coming in and I’m scheduled to get ALL FOUR out on Monday. Wish me luck…

– Luke has two upper teeth (one front tooth and another to the right) and his other two matching upper teeth following right behind


– Luke is a DAREDEVIL
– Luke can CRAWL!

– Luke loves standing up and cruising across tables and furniture

20140326-134439.jpg  20140326-134510.jpg  20140326-134449.jpg

-Luke LOVES pushing his walker

20140326-134552.jpg 20140326-134533.jpg

– 9 months for Luke was filled with MANY tears

20140326-134729.jpg  20140326-134719.jpg
– Luke naps in his crib, but sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy
– Luke eats EVERYTHING!
– Austin can now form 4-5 word phrases
– Austin still struggles saying his name. I shouldn’t say struggle. More like refuses to say it.

20140326-134706.jpg  20140326-134655.jpg  20140326-134519.jpg
– Austin loves using his tools to fix his toys
– Austin thinks batteries fix everything
– Austin always says his belly is hungry and he hates sitting down for dinner

20140326-134619.jpg  20140326-134633.jpg  20140326-134643.jpg
– Austin enjoys playing with his water table and splashing Luke

– Austin CAN be a sweet big brother, but most of the time he views Luke as a threat that steals his toys and attention

– Austin’s newest catchphrase “I charge.”  Translation: I AM IN CHARGE ….



Daddy is still in his LCAC craftmaster school and doing well so far.  He drives down to San Diego FREQUENTLY and sometimes spends nights with Grandma or GiGi.  We cannot wait until the school is over.  And I think Justin would agree as well.